Our fields of expertise:

  • Logistics Liability

  • Cyber risks

  • Fleet and internal transport

  • Assistance with claim settlement

  • Freight transport and storage

  • Insuring complex and international risks

  • Absenteeism and disability

  • Insuring construction and installation projects

  • Directors' liability

  • Adjusting logistics agreements

  • Buildings, inventory and business downtime

Examples of our tailor-made services

  • Insuring liability (General Liability ) of foreign subsidiaries under a Dutch liability insurance company (AVB).
  • Organizing claims settlement in case of recovery from foreign carriers.
  • Insuring the legal liability for internal transport vehicles on a logistics liability policy with extensive conditions.
  • Insuring the storage of goods from logistics service providers on favorable terms.
  • Insuring international transport of, for example, works of art or classic cars.
  • Advice on the use of delivery conditions with regard to risk management and insurance options.

Other sectors

Risk management for other sectors has many similarities with risk management for the logistics sector. However, every company has its own characteristics and points of interest. Some examples:

Healthcare providers have collective labor agreement obligations with regard to insuring a supplement to the WW and WIA for their employees. We have the opportunity to guide you in this.

ICT service providers face extensive liability risks that are easy to manage. A prerequisite for this is the careful application of the correct delivery conditions.

Companies in the manufacturing industry and wholesale companies often face the same risks as logistics companies and can therefore ideally benefit from our specialized knowledge.

Our goal remains to increase the resilience of companies so that they are better able to deal with uncertainties and disruptions in their activities.

Self employed or private:

For small companies and in private situations, a package insurance can often be an attractive solution. Policies from different insurers can be included in this package. This makes customization possible and you maintain an overview.

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