Risk management for the logistics sector

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You can’t do business without taking risks. Accepting a risk can be fine, as long as the consequences are considered and accepted. Sometimes however, it may be better to manage, avoid or transfer risks to an insurer. We assist companies in making choices in this area.

EQ-Riskmanagement specializes in risk management services for the logistics sector. Our specialism enables us to provide tailormade guidance to organizations and solve complex and international issues.

Transport companies, logistics service providers, forwarders, wholesalers and manufacturers are our frequent clients.

We also advise many suppliers to the logistics chain, such as ICT companies, damage repair companies, tire suppliers and other service providers.

Our services

Insurance solutions

Insurance solutions

We have options for transferring risks to almost all Dutch insurers. We place large and/or complex risks on the Dutch Insurance Exchange through a stock broker.



Sometimes advice and guidance on a specific subject is required. For example, we help companies make claims handling effective or, for example, adjust provisions in logistics agreements.

Risk management

Risk management

Based on an extensive inventory of your corporate structure, activities, assets and how you want to deal with risks, we determine an effective risk management approach together with you.

Risk management method

The foundation for our services is professional risk management. Based on an extensive inventory of your corporate structure, activities and assets, we determine together with you how to optimally deal with operational business risks. The ultimate goal is to limit any possible threat to the continuity of your company by limiting risks as much as possible.

We offer our risk management services in a structure of evaluation, inventory, advice and the implementation of the service agreements made.

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