About us:

EQ-Riskmanagement was founded in 2017 by Klaas Bolhuis to provide risk management services in his own unique way. Hendrika Bolhuis, wife of Klaas, assists him as office manager at EQ-Riskmanagement. With insurance experience since 1994, we are able to offer a solution for a wide range of issues.

Larger and medium-sized companies, in the logistics sector in particular, seek guidance from EQ-Riskmanagement.

About insurance advice and brokerage:

EQ Risk Management is 100% independent. Our advice is completely free from interests in other companies or interests of suppliers in our company. When choosing insurers, we are mainly guided by our vision on quality. The lowest premium does not always have to be the best advice. However, we are happy to realize cost savings on insurance premiums when possible. The choice of an insurer will allways be explained in our advice.

For mortgages, pensions, life insurances and asset management, we work with colleagues to whom we are happy to refer you to.

We hold an European Passport for providing services outside of the Netherlands. In this way we can also support your branches in the rest of European Union.

There is no such thing as 100% coverage against all risks. We will discuss in detail what coverage is required and which risks are not insured.

About costs:

We charge an hourly rate for consultancy work that is agreed upon in advance.

We will receive a commission from an insurer for advising and brokerage of insurance policies. We will carry out all the work necessary to provide an optimal guidance. Including: advising, quoting, underwirting, administering, supervising adjustments and, if necessary, claims handling. The commission is roughly between 7.5 and 15% of the insurance premium you pay to the insurer.

The legally required 'Services Guide' and 'Comparison Card' can be found at the bottom of this page under 'downloads'. This contains a description of our services as an office and a schematic overview of our disability insurance services.

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